This blog has been alive for over a year.

Unfortunately, this blog also felt as though it was sucking life out of me. It stopped being fun, and there were times when logging in made me feel sick and heavy and there were times where I even considered deleting the blog.

I didn’t want to give up a muse I had put so much effort into, though, so it is with joy that I do not deactivate.

Instead, I leave this blog here, if only for posterity. I have  moved my muse to start anew at another location.

For those of you who wish to keep interacting with my favorite muse (my favorite in terms of the ones that I play myself), you’re welcome to follow me to the new location.

It’s been a great year (two in five months). c: I hope to see you elsewhere. 

Much love,

Momo ♥

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Th-thank you, again. For the coat." he manages to mumble out, eyes still cast away from the blond and face feeling too hot for this kind of weather.

The next words that reached Enma’s ears managed to make him blush even harder. It had been the first time in a truly long time that someone had called him, him of all people, attractive. There had been some other customers that had praised him for being cute and adorable, but never had he been labeled as attractive. Still, Enma took his current customers, or rather - companions, hand and finally looked up. “Shouldn’t I be the one to say that, mister? Since you are far more attractive that me. I’m… not that special." it will probably seem like he was belittling himself, but it was what Enma truly thought of himself.

Dino. So his client’s name was Dino. “Enma. My name is Enma." he replied and watched the white puffs of his breath. He still couldn’t believe that this was happening to him right now.

Dino chuckled softly, smiling as he led Enma off to his work-home. He could tell the poor thing was cold, nervous, anxious, many other things, but he was trying so very hard to make the redhead as at ease as possible.

Dinner would be served at his home, a blessing as his Sire was a heavenly cook (the irony was not lost on him, calling a vampire heavenly). Dino offered Enma another smile. “I hope you don’t mind something home cooked, Enma.

"Lovely name, by the way."

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I speak from the heart. You should know that by now." He sighed lightly, closing his eyes at the cool of Dino’s skin slowly seeped into him every so slightly. It felt good, relaxing, so it was probably no wonder that the sleep started to wash over him.

Still, G was sure that Dino was an excellent chef, having tasted the things that the vampire had made in the kitchen himself for a few times already. And those few times were enough to show the redhead that his partner, contractor, whatever the vampire was not to him, could make miracles with food. So there really was no need for him to offer assistance, he supposed.

The light tickling feeling that came when Dino’s face touched his hair made small shivers run up and down his spine, a quiet whisper of a laugh falling from his lips. “Oh, true, yes. I suppose Romario wouldn’t be too happy about spoiled food and dinner not made." he opened his eyes once more to look up at the other, "The mess would be a pain to clean up as well, I suppose.

“A terrible pain to clean, yes.” Dino purred. “And I’m fairly certain my Sire would have my head for such a mess. I’m rarely allowed in his kitchen, as it is.”

The blond hummed softly, nuzzling G. “As wonderfully tempting as cooking for you is, I’m sure that we could revel in the delights of my Sire’s cooking. And, while we wait, we could engage in… Something else of your choosing~?”

His tone was playful, his eyes mirroring that playfulness – not that G. really saw that, given that Dino was nuzzling into bright red hair with great affection.

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Enma wrapped his fingers around the coat, pulling it closer around his frozen body, slowly breathing in and out. Was this really ok? Was it really fine to just simply take the offered coat, even if he would probably freeze without it? “Thank you, mister." he finally mumbled, his breath creating white puffs of air as he spoke.

It was rather suddenly that the man leaned down, his eyes now on the same level as Enma’s. So the blond did realize what kind of person he was both talking and offering help to. But it was still strange to Enma. For someone so flashy to actually help and then offer to ‘give work’ to someone like Enma.

Oh… Uhm.." the blush that covered his face seemed to blend together with the bright red that the cold had bitten on his cheeks. Red eyes shifted away from the man’s for a second and then returned the gaze shyly, "B-but I…

What had that been just now? There was something wrong with the blond man’s teeth, Enma was sure that he had seen it right, since they were so close to each other. He thought of quickly stepping back and running away, but the warmth and weight of the coat stopped him before the teen even had the chance to act. This was a customer, offering warmth, food and a good pay for… whatever it was that he wanted. Was it really a good decision to refuse?

I, if you are fine with me, then I would be… glad to.. accompany you, mister." the redhead mumbled under his nose, once again averting his eyes.

Dino shrugged lightly, still smiling. “Don’t mention it – the coat belongs to you, now.”

His fangs were now, of course, hidden. He didn’t want to scare Enma, nor did he want to alert any possible bypassers of what he is, not out on the street like this. It’s hard work, passing for human sometimes. Dino stands back to his normal height, adjusting his box again, and offering his hand to Enma. “Fine with you? I’m delighted, actually. It’s not every night a get someone so attractive agreeing to accompany me.”

He flashes a charming smile. “Dino, by the way. May I have a name to go with such a lovely face?”

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Laughing quietly G poked Dino’s cheek. “I don’t mind eating here for a change. What you made the last time was very good." For a vampire, someone who didn’t exactly need normal food to survive, Dino was an excellent cook. Though, and G laughed about this for a while after he found out, Dino was a walking disaster so most of the times his cooking ended up in a burnt down kitchen.

I could help you even." He added just a moment later. Before this all G hadn’t thought that he’s feel so comfortable with anyone. It was quite strange - this relationship that they had. It had only been a few days that they knew each other, had sighed the contract, but it already felt as if the redhead had known Dino for a long, long time. It was a mystery to G, in a way, the way that all of this continued.

He leaned against the predator of the night and pulled his fingers away from the cool and smooth skin. G almost felt like sleeping just a bit more, but that would probably be a bit rude to the vampire that he was now using as a pillow.

Dino smiled, a glimmer of fang peeking through. “I appreciate your compliment.”

But Dino would not appreciate that exaggeration on his cooking. He’s flawless in the kitchen, if a little messy. But nothing ever, ever gets burnt unless a certain redhead distracts him. He may be a walking disaster in other aspects of his life (his organization skills could use some fine tuning, if his overflowing filing cabinets were anything to go by…). But cooking (aside from the bar) was his pride, and he’d be damned if he fucked that up.

Besides, Romario taught him. And Romario beat things into him (in the kindest, most affectionate, parental way possible) until Dino got them right – especially when it came to class, etiquette, and most importantly, culinary delights. When you have eternity, you’ve gotta fill it with something, right?

Amante, if you helped me, we’d not get much cooking done at all.” Dino chuckled softly, turning his head and nuzzling into G.’s hair. “At which point my Sire would never let me in the kitchen ever again.” 

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Byakuran-san was a very cruel person, that much should have been obvious from the start, Shouichi thought silently to himself as he clenched his jaw, hands clenching around the few papers that held the instructions.

Find proof of vampires.

Yeah, sure, Shouichi thought as he narrowed his eyes into slits. Of course Byakuran-san would send him off to a blind search for mystical creatures that logically didn’t exist - they simply couldn’t, not according to the biology Shouichi knew so well.

It had been two days since he had been sent off to this ridiculous quest - and, naturally, he had found nothing from digging through the mythology section of the tiny library the small town had. 

If he had been into it, the mythology books would have been interesting: tales of the faeries, of beasts and creatures beyond imagination… 

Sadly, he was not.

Today, he was at a local pub - clean enough to be almost classy but homey enough to not make people feel alienated from the place - and boredly sipping at his drink that was low in alcohol. 

Was this punishment for something he had done?

It had to be - surely Byakuran wouldn’t send him off to such a ridiculous quest otherwise. 

The ‘pub’ Shouichi had found himself in was none other than Il Cavallino Impennante. It was likely by pure stroke of luck that the scientist stumbled in, though luck would be subjective. Sure, Shouichi was about to find out that his wild goose chase was not, in fact, wild. But accidentally stumbling into an entire den of night crawlers mingled with all-too-willing humans was not what any sane person would consider lucky.

Dino leaned on the bar, as if waiting for Shouichi to order his next drink. He’d been surprised that the newcomer hadn’t even noticed where he was, especially since he’d seemed so intent on ordering something with the least amount of alcohol.

Now, normally Dino wouldn’t permit entry to outsiders, as it jostled his carefully constructed system of contracts and rules, and newcomers only came to him through invitation from regulars or through word of mouth, looking for something exciting and new. However, the poor guy looked so frazzled and frustrated that Dino figured he could oversee him personally and make sure that he didn’t get too far in over his head – after all, Dino had been notified by one of the locals that this particular redhead had been searching up all sorts of vampire lore, something that locals didn’t really do, as they knew of this particular bar and what it was for.

“You wouldn’t happen to be looking for me, would you, stranger?” Dino hummed over the bar, leaning on his forearms so that he was almost at ear-whispering distance from the frazzled stranger.

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It didn’t seem real. Why would someone of the higher class, someone from the world where people were happy and had everything that they wanted and needed, would come and pick up him, or all people? It was weird, in a way and just a little bit scary.

Why did you give me the coat? I.. I don’t deserve this, mister." Enma looked away, eyes now on the show at and under his feet. He didn’t know but something about this man was making it hard for him to say no to the offer that he was given. It was just… too good to be true. "But…

What was he going to say? A simple refusal would probably not work in this case. The again, maybe this man didn’t even know why Enma was standing here in the first place? Or perhaps he knew and this was just another kind of a kink that the teen had yet to know about.

Mister," he finally spoke up again, glancing up, "I, umm, I can’t just go with you like that. I need to work." That wasn’t a lie and perhaps, in case that the blond man hadn’t noticed yet, would clear up his profession.

“You looked cold, so, coat.” Dino smiled, adjusting his hold on his supply box, though he hadn’t been near about to drop it in the first place – it was more of a fidget than anything else. “You can keep it, if you like.”

The blond tilted his head, almost pouting at the refusal, before smiling again. Did this redhead think he didn’t know what the poor thing was doing out here in the cold at night, instead of inside, warm and by a fire? Ah, but then again, Dino didn’t look at all his age or knowledge, so he could understand. But…

“I know you do.” He adjusted his box again before leaning down so that he was at Enma’s level, rather than towering over him. “And I’m offering you a job. Dinner is just a precursor to what I’d like, as it’s… Unconventional.”

Just to make sure that the redhead didn’t misunderstand him, he smiled again, this time showing off just a touch of fang. Just a glimpse, though, as Dino didn’t want to scare his potential company.

“I’m quite hungry, you see, and I’d like the company for dinner.”

Please, please don’t run away. I really do just want company.

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He rolled his eyes, ” I don’t see how that’s supposed to keep you warm, but if you want to stay a distance from me, I do understand.” He was actually rather surprised the blond had even moved as close as he had. He wasn’t the most approachable person, after all.

"You won’t owe me, Cavallone." Why would Dino think that he’d have to repay Reborn? After all, it was the Italian’s job to keep him safe and healthy [because if Dino wasn’t healthy, then Reborn wasn’t needed around].

Eh? Reborn wanted him closer?


He could do that. And he did. He shifted closer to Reborn until they were almost touching, not sure how close he was allowed to get. 

"I won’t?" Dino blinked, looking up at his assigned bodyguard. "…You would get my heating fixed, no cost?"

God, if that was the case, Reborn was nothing short of a saint.

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He didn’t stop sliding his fingers up and down the vampire’s neck, aware that the situation was rather humorous, since usually they would have reversed roles. And yet, here they were - the prey and the hunter, cuddling together on a sofa and enjoying the company of each other. Had someone told G he would be spending a day quite like this in the future a few years back the man would not have believed.

Smart answer." The redhead pokes the other’s neck one last time and pulls his hand away, thinking over all the ideas that he had managed to make while playing with the cold skin of Dino’s. A kiss perhaps? But that was simply too boring. A massage would also be nice. "A dinner, of you could." he finally chooses, small smirk playing on his lips.

True, G wasn’t sure if vampires ate normal food, seeing as they really did not need to do that in order to survive. But, perhaps, Dino would simply come with him for the sake of a company, if nothing else. The vampire’s treat, of course.

Dino chuckled softly, leaning into all the touches that G. afforded him – he soaked and basked in the attention like a man starved. Prey, hunter, they were neither. Mutual beneficiaries, more like. As such, there were no roles to be reversed, not really. Dino felt a sort of sense of disbelief, too. Had someone told him he’d find a human that wanted him – really, really wanted him, not just for his looks or his dark mysteries – Dino would have laughed and said that couldn’t be possible. Who would want a bloodsucking monster like him?

But, here they were.

“I like to think I give those from time to time.” Dino smiled, leaning into give G. a gentle nuzzle. He smiled, humming a bit. “I can do dinner. If you want to go out, it will have to be after the sun has already set, though. Or, if you’re more inclined, I can cook something for you myself… Provided I can convince my oh-so-charming Sire to let me in the kitchen.” 

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He wasn’t sure why the blond man had suddenly started to head in his direction. Enma was sure of one thing though - the man surely was not one of those who would buy someone like him. For one thing, the blond man could surely get anyone he wanted to without even spending small change in order to do so. Second, high class people never even looked in the direction of people like Enma himself.

Still, the man simply walked closer and closer, balancing the box he was holding in his hold while taking off the warm-looking jacket he had on. The redhead blinked a couple of times, took a step back, just to be on the safe side, and waited. It was too cold and he had already frozen just a little too much, so Enma was sure that he couldn’t just suddenly start to run, if it were to be needed.

When the warm jacket was suddenly placed on his shoulders, the fur soft against his frozen form, Enma let out a surprised gasp. Once again he stumbled a bit away from the blond and looked up at the man with wide eyes, fingers clutching onto the jacket that was now covering him. “W-What.. Why?" as far as Enma could see there has been no reason for this to happen, no need to the man to do something like this. "I… I’m sorry I…

Dino just smiled, tilting his head as Enma questioned him.

“Why what?” The smile never left, though he was careful, wary of showing off his teeth. He didn’t want to scare the kid after all. “C’mon, it’s cold out here, and I’m feeling a bit peckish. Join me for dinner? It’s nothing fancy, but it’ll be warm.”

 Dino felt bad, he really did, but he really needed sustenance right now, and, unfortunately, the redhead was a fairly easy target. Not that Dino planned on hurting him. Once he was well fed and warm, Dino would make his intentions known, and if the redhead ran off on him, so be it. At least he’d done some good that evening.

But, he really hoped it wouldn’t be a loss for him, he really would like to have some willing – fresh – blood every once in a while. 

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